Metalla secured the right to acquire a portion of 0.5% net profit interest (“NPI”); payable for a 10-year period (the “Royalty”). The Royalty covers the vast majority (99.7%) of the area of the current mineral reserve estimate for Josemaria. The Royalty also covers an additional royalty area, which includes mining tenements in Argentina that currently form a portion of the Los Helados project. While the additional royalty area does not currently cover any defined mineral resources, it is well situated for further exploration in the Vicuña region, an emerging mining camp hosting other world-class orebodies such as Filo del Sol (Filo Mining) and Los Helados (NGEX Minerals) and may benefit from the definition of new mineral deposits in the area.

Metalla currently expects to acquire approximately 16.7% of the Royalty (approximately 0.08325% NPI), with a ROFR over an additional 16.7% of the Royalty (approximately 0.08325% NPI).


Interest: 0.08325% NPI

Location: San Juan, Argentina

Project Status: Development

Counterparty: Lundin Mining (TSX: LUN)

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